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Gulu Central High School Reopens After Closer Over Strike

Gulu Central High School students, another secondary school that went on strike in March over a football match being stopped prematurely.

Gulu Central High School in Gulu City has finally been reopened for studies and other academic activities after three weeks of closer over violent strike.

The school, with a population of 961 students, was closed on March, 7, 2022 following a violent strike by students which left one of them dead.

The violent strike was allegedly sparked off by a decision by the school authorities to prematurely end the screening of the English Premier League football match between Manchester United and Manchester City. This resulted into riot.

Police backed up by the army were later called in to quell the violent protest.

Jimmy Owani, the school Head teacher, says the school was reopened on Sunday and each student and his/her parent is being asked to sign a commitment form to adhere to the school rules and regulations after paying a fine of 100,000 shillings.

80 students who masterminded the strike have since been expelled from the school.

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