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78 Year Old Man Dies Of Hunger In Agago

Garden Ravage Gardens in Oyam

An elderly man in Kenya central, Agengo sub county in Agago district has died due to hunger-related complications.

Ongom Nelson (78) was on Monday, at around 1am, found dead in his hut.

The area Local Council III chairperson Oromokecha Simon, says the deceased has no wife and had been living alone in his hut before his demise.

Most parts of Acholi. Lango and Karamoja sub regions are grappling with severe food crisis as a result of climate change which has affected food production.

Since March, Ugandans have seen a record rise in the cost of living with prices of food and fuel going through the roof.

The increase in food prices and other essential commodities have also forced poor households to seek for support from local authorities.

According to a report, 50 per cent of the people in Adjumani, Amuru, Nwoya, Gulu, Pader, Lamwo, Kitgum, Agago have access to a meal a day.

Late last month, an HIV patient died from hunger while 42 others have abandoned drugs in Lakwaya Sub County in Omoro District because of shortage of food.

HIV experts say poor nutrition can affect the absorption of Anti-retroviral drugs in the body or leave the body less able to tolerate the medication.

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